Submission Number: FD-30186-000023 

Received: 5/23/2015 6:44:39 PM
Commenter: L Busch
State: Montana

Agency: Agency
Initiative: Tongue River Railroad
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To Whom It May Concern: I'm writing to request an extension of the public comment period for the Tongue River Railroad EIS. I'm really impressed with all the work that went into the document and appreciate all of the public outreach that STB is planning with its public meetings. Thank you. Reading the document in my spare time makes me realize the effort it will take to understand and write articulate comments by June 23. As a citizen with myriad responsibilities like most people, budgeting time to become familiar with such a lengthy and complicated document is problematic. In order for those of us who are constrained by the normal limitations of life, I request we be given more time to process the implications of the EIS. Again, thank you for such a thorough job writing the EIS. I hope I can do as thorough a job providing feedback. With a little more time, I'm sure I will be able to give more helpful comments. Sincerely, L. Busch