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Received: 4/30/2015 11:09:05 AM
Commenter: Norman Bishop
State: Montana

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Initiative: Tongue River Railroad
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Congratulations on an excruciatingly thorough analysis of impacts. My comments will be brief. In view of the impacts you have illustrated and examined, my recommendation is to select the no-action alternative. The Otter Creek Coal should simply be left in the ground, as should much of the alternative coal types you have described. Building the ports from which to ship the coal to Asia would be grossly destructive to those sites, and are vehemently opposed by residents and Native Americans who depend upon the productive waters of those rivers and bays for their very existence. Obviously, the effects are not as localized as the places where you have scheduled hearings. I suggest that hearings should also be held in cities where ports are proposed, and through which many more coal trains would pass than at present. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.