Submission Number: FD-30186-000357 

Received: 9/23/2015 12:00:00 AM
Commenter: Simon Bazard

Agency: Surface Transportation Board
Initiative: Tongue River Railroad
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Simon Bazard

My name is Simon Bazard. I'm a recent homeowner in Missoula in the Lower Rattlesnake, so across the tracks. I have lived in that area for three years and I've had direct experience with increased coal traffic coming through Missoula. I thank the organizations, those guys, the Northern Plains Resource Council, and 350 for organizing this and giving us a chance to have public comment to the Surface Transportation Board.

I think, as everyone else has said, a lot of other voices have really documented and explained the real arguments for not building the Tongue River Railroad. Additional coal mines would have detrimental climactic effects. Climate change is already proving to be much faster and much more evident than I think anyone could have imagined, and the impacts are very much felt already in Montana and globally, the detrimental impacts of the railroad and the coal mines in the Tongue River.

Specifically, I really urge the Surface Transportation Board to take the no action alternative, mainly because the draft EIS does not adequately address the potential harmful effects of increased coal traffic through communities in Montana. That's something that's very specifically missing from the draft EIS.

It's something that we can point to directly and say that this is not an adequate document, and it hasn't been an adequate procedure to say that the largest proposed coal mine in the United States won't have detrimental impacts on communities where the trains pass through. It’s bogus.

I really encourage the Surface Transportation Board to reevaluate and reassess the potential impacts and harmful effects that increased coal traffic will have. I wish them good luck and hopefully we can all hear what they find.